Classroom for Castle Hill School, Todmorden built 2014 

This hybrid building – 3 parts loadbearing, one part frame and glass, was designed by Michelle Gaffaney of Greenstone Design (formerly of amazonails) and built by Craig Taylor and Emma Appleton (also formerly of amazonails). It is now a very well loved part of the Castle Hill School.  


Extension to Listed Two-storey house

This single storey loadbearing straw building was partly self-built, and partly built by Edouard Hugo. Designed by Straw Works, it only took 2 days to build the straw walls with 2 professionals and 2 inexperienced self-builders. The listed buildings committee were very happy to give it permission because 21st century natural building dovetails extremely well with heritage vernacular building – both use natural materials (in this case stone, timber, lime mortar and lime plaster). The School of Natural Building (SNaB) ran training courses in lime and clay plastering. 


Large two-storey house with small garden cabin 

The main house was originally designed as a loadbearing building by amazonails and adapted by the owner to be a timber frame with straw infill. SNaB ran training courses to help build the straw walls and begin the plastering. Building began in 2014 and it is still under construction. 

The Cabin began life as a loadbearing mini-building built by amazonails as part of a trainee programme, and was bought by the owners and moved to site after being chain-sawed in half!!! The owners put it back together and finished it, and it was their home for several years, until they moved into the main house.